Wednesday, June 27, 2012

dusty's birthday celebration picture contest!

often i go through and select "mark all as read" in my RSS reader when i get behind on the many many many many many blogs i subscribe to, but for my favorite sites i just let the posts pile up until i have some downtime. so when i was catching up on my reading at mango & dexter's blog and encountered dusty's super cool picture contest i was excited to enter, and then surprised to see that the deadline to participate is TODAY!

so here's my last-minute entry and a super duper last minute call for participants for this contest. here's the deal, straight from dusty's family's blog:

To celebrate Dusty's 1st birthday, on the 27th July, I have decided to do a competition! To enter, do a blog post with your favourite picture of your doggie (or whatever else) included. The competition is based on this picture as the winner will recieve an original hand drawn picture of your entry! 

just go to the contest blog post and leave a comment w/ the url of your entry! but do it now. (or maybe yesterday, i'm not sure how the time difference works!)

and without further ado, here's my entry for carlos:

it's pretty much my favorite picture of carlos, which is why i use it everywhere, including his blog banner :)

little bear says: vote for my foster brother and i won't use my lazer-eyes to look any crazier


  1. Thank you so much for entering! It's ok you've only just entered, I'll include it in my page.
    He's such a handsome doggie, and that's a very hansome picture of him, so I'm not surprised it's your favourite!
    Good luck in the voting!

  2. GruffHello! We saw you on Dusty's contest and just had to give you a vote and have a paw plod along here to have a sniff about your pawticulars with my schnozzle! Really great to meet you (wish I were on that long walk in your earlier post, though I prefer to be off lead in the woods - I am a great hunter you know, you may have heard????) - Hopefully see you again very soon, love Barnie x

  3. What a wonderful photo of you all sitting nicely on that chair. Your furs are just perfect. Nice and shiny.