Wednesday, May 23, 2012

one mega super epic walk!

this past saturday we went on our fourth big apple pittie pack walk.

pitbull butts on parade

we got dropped off at the wrong side of the park so we had to rush rush rush across to make it to the starting point. luckily the pack hadn't given up and started without us, so off we all went - right back in the direction we'd come from! well, we were just relieved we'd made it and could enjoy the gorgeous weather with a beautiful group of dogs.

after the walk carlos and i met up with a friend and her beautiful baby.  carlos made his usual first impression...fortunately this baby boy loves dogs and was not swayed by the squawking pitbull routine. after a few minutes we were past the stranger danger portion of the day and were able to relax in the grass near the boathouse.

two out of three looking at the camera? i'll take it!

to celebrate our successful first-ever baby playdate, we decided to WALK ALL THE WAY HOME.

our most glorious and epic route

we did some sightseeing along the way, stopping by the penn station post office building for a picture next to an ugly planter. i blame my poor photo choices at this point on heatstroke.

burning hot sunlight pouring into your lens = do-it-yourself hipstamatic

all in all we walked 8 freaking miles and carlos never missed a beat. even when i made him sit next to a half dead plant in a beat-up giant planter. what a champ!

another ugly planter shot for your bemusement

when we finally made it home carlos got his lunch and a well-deserved nap. i, however, had an appointment to pickup some cool vintage clothes. so i went right. back. uptown (although i did take the subway this time).  not only were the clothes super cool, so was the person i met when i picked them up - she clearly has great fashion taste, AND as it turns out, she loves pitbulls.  maybe we'll have a new person at the next central park pack walk??

totally worth the trip

i made it safely back home a second time, to a couple of happy & tired dogs, only a tiny bit worse for wear from their adventure.

this is what happens when you drool and dry