Friday, August 10, 2012

norwood's dog days of summer - wet fur - REDUX

it seems norwood's dog days of summer theme for august 10 set of, literally, a storm of wet fur activity. after a morning of wet fur pictures and posts, a massive storm descended on new york city right as we began our mid-day walk. by the time we got back home, the water was coming down in sheets, and we were all soaked. but the rain turned the day from muggy to cool and this, along with watching carlos attack rain drops and bound into gusts of wind, made all the wet clothes and collars worth it. and that would've been the end of the wet fur saga if not for a little love story between a dog and a spray nozzle.

tonight at the dog run carlos became absolutely enamored with the new spray head on the dog run hose. here's some of the evidence:

he even got really good at keeping his head underwater for more than a second or two as he tried to fish out the nozzle. how do puppies even learn how to hold their breath?!

this went on for at least 30 minutes. it was only ever so reluctantly that carlos finally left the run. and then, in the glow of a 24hr parking garage off the west side highway, i took the final themed picture for the day:

wonderful, gleaming, wet furs
carlos had a great day today.
long live the dog days of summer!

norwood's dog days of summer - wet fur

it's photo contest madness in the village - thanks again to mango and dexter for tipping me off. this time around it's norwood's "dog days of summer" where every day for the month of august there's a new photo theme. the topic for august 10 is "wet fur. "

in this household we have two dogs, one who is extremely excitable about any kind of precipitation, and one who would rather NEVER be wet.

case number 1 - carlos "el amante del agua"
carlos LOVES water - even if it's frozen. he'll frolic in sprinklers, fountains, wading pools, snow, ice, whatever he can find! in the summer we have the extra incentive of wanting to cool off, and carlos always takes full he is taking a drink from the park water fountain during an afternoon walk:

technically his lip furs are wet here, so it counts!
and most nights we go hang out in at the wading pools at a local dog run and carlos combines his two loves - tennis balls and water:

specimen numero 2 - bear "not so much aquaphobic, but rather aqua-iratus"
little bear hates the water - but when it's really, really, REALLY hot out, even she will deign to stand in the dog run wading pool and get doused with water:

those people behind me are coming off a latin booze cruise!

it's a miracle folks - two very different dogs, both with very wet fur. amaze with me, and then sit in front of the air conditioner until august ends.