Tuesday, March 27, 2012

our first big adventure of 2012 - the big apple pittie pack walk

last week carlos went on his first pack walk with the big apple pittie pack walk group. we didn't want to be late and the starting point was so far away that i decided to take a cab uptown.

here we are on 59th street, walking toward the water

while we were waiting for the walk to start, carlos had a hard time suppressing his communication skills so we hid behind a trashcan until we could get moving.

we walked along the water on riverside park south up to 96th street and i got a couple of shots of the sights

like these stone dudes and a distant highway sign

and new jersey!

but since i was walking carlos, i wasn't able to get any good shots of him. this was the best i could do, once we decided to sit and rest in the sun for a second somewhere in the upper west side:

little bear upstages carlos AGAIN

luckily along the walk we got to talk to jennifer from That Touch of Pit. she wrote about the walk here and got a nice shot of carlos looking like a thoughtful and sensitive beast. check out the picture, it's awesome:

carlos and 1/4 of my left shoe are FAMOUS!
carlos was a bit nervous most of the walk, but it was still a great experience - it was good exercise and sometimes a little social stress is good for a dog to work though. i had a lot of fun and i think over time carlos will enjoy the pack walk as much as i do. besides, we need more fantastic shots of carlos for his portfolio.


  1. The thought of you all hiding behind the trash can really made me giggle! The pack walks are such a great idea. Carlos & Little Bear are beautiful.

  2. Pack walks rock. My Mango can be a bit reactive on leash, but he is surprisingly calm when he is walking with a pack (assuming that everybody is polite). Wish I could schedule more of them but it is hard to coordinate people, place, and time (plus since Mango is only good for about half a mile and overheats easily, he isn't much of an adventure animal).

    Carlos is amazingly handsome! Wow!

    Mango Momma